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We are a leading family company in the production, handling and export of lemon, orange, tangerine, lime and grapefruit. We are  present in homes all over the world. We ship all citrus to markets on all five continents, thus demonstrating our exporting  nature. We provide uninterrupted service 365 days a year, bringing the best product to every home in the world. We are  constantly evolving and improving our services, with the aim of making our conventional and organic products reach  more national and international chains.

Our facilities

Conventional Products

Fortuna (Murcia)

Our current plant has an extensive surface area of 65,000 m2  dedicated entirely to the handling and manufacture of our  products.

With our eyes set on the future, we have the latest technologies and vanguards in the sector. Our facilities are located in the Industrial Park of Fortuna, Region of Murcia. A strategic place due to its proximity to the raw material.

La Paz Fresh has invested in the new facilities with the concern of providing a better service to our customers and in turn being able to grow together.

We have 34 production lines, 12 pre-sizing lines, 26  conventional lines and 8 untreated lines.

This plant will concentrate the conventional production of the  following products: lemon, lime, grapefruit, orange and tangerine.

Organic Products

Pozo Estrecho (Cartagena)

The new project on which Cítricos La Paz is embarking consists of the  acquisition of a new ecological center located in Pozo Estrecho. The  new facilities have 25,000m2, dedicated exclusively to working with  organic products.

This new center is located in Pozo Estrecho, Cartagena, thus covering  the whole region. It is also located in a strategic place due to its  proximity to our organic farms.

The production capacity here will be 25,000 kg/hour, on ten lines,  and will have bulk, table, net and Earthbag sections.

In addition, we have a great team specialized in organic produce.

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