Quality knows
no limits.

Quality is one of the pillars on which Cítricos La Paz is founded upon. Our entire production process is based on the international standards AILIMPO, CLEAR OF C-19, BIO, GRASP, BRCGS, SEDEX,IFS, CBPCA Y GLOBALG.A.P always prioritizing that the service to our clients is of the highest quality and  in accordance with their specifications, offering a comprehensive system of services that adapts to the particular needs  of each and every customer.

Our crops are located in the southeast of Spain, specifically in Alicante, Murcia and Almería, the historically rich region in terms of these products and with a deep-rooted citrus culture. In all of them  a careful and exhaustive selection is carried, based on the Global Gap protocol, applying rational agriculture and with the utmost friendliness to the environment.

Thanks to this proximity to the raw material,  the most suitable and ideal time and circumstances for harvesting are determined,, always ensuring a  fresh product and in its best organoleptic conditions.

Already in the facilities, each and every one of the packages is made under a rigorous control endorsed by quality standards in order to be able to serve our customers with total guarantee and safety. The sole objective of Cítricos La Paz is to offer the best of our products every day, minute by minute.

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