We are proud to be providing a healthy diet based on fresh and healthy foods, which help to meet the nutritional needs of the growing world population increasingly more aware of the importance of good lifestyle habits.

We are members of the 5 a day Association and together with them we promote the consumption of at least 5 servings of Fruits and Vegetables a day. We inform and share the health benefits enjoyed by taking up this healthy habit. On top of this, we pay special attention to educating young people and children since the elderly tend to be more aware of the need to consume greater amounts of fruit and veg, but we help them with ideas to prepare these on a day-to-day basis.

What consider it our duty to highlight the importance of eating a balanced diet that consists in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, milk, dairy products, calcium-rich foods, as well as proteins such as shellfish, eggs, legumes, fish, etc. That is why healthy eating means balance. You can enjoy your favourite foods, even if they are high in calories, fat, or added sugar. The key is to eat them only occasionally and balance them with other healthier foods and increased physical activity.


The International Year of Fruits and Vegetables presents us with an excellent opportunity to continue highlighting and promoting the nutritional importance of these foods as part of a healthy diet.

How can be boost consumption of fruits and vegetables? We make it easy for you! As our friends from the 5 a Day Association say, the important thing is to include 5 pieces a day. One of the most important things is to have seasonal and local fruits and vegetables, as they are cheaper, tastier and more environmentally friendly. Lunches and dinners can be accompanied with a starter, or a side salad. Gazpachos and cold salads, grilled vegetables, purees, soups, boiled or steamed vegetables etc. We should also include a fruit-based dessert at lunch and dinner and we can make them at the same time as the rest of the dishes so that we don’t forget them! Any preparation is a great way to make sure we eat them as part of our diet.

In the case of breakfast, brunch or snacking between meals, different kinds of fruits and vegetables can be included to make the experience tastier and more enjoyable. It’s worth bearing in mind that it’s a good idea to take advantage of the varied colours of fruits and vegetables to vary consumption, try new textures and flavours and make diverse sauces. A tip is to have both the fruit and the vegetables ready to eat, making sure they are washed, peeled and chopped, ready to consume and that way, you’ll avoid any excuses when it comes to eating them!


• Healthy and balanced diet.
• Weight control.
• Reduce your salt intake.
• Sleep and rest the recommended hours.
• Reduce stress as much as possible.
• Do some type of physical activity regularly.
• Avoid the consumption of substances that are harmful to health.
• Receive sunlight daily (for about 15 minutes).
• Exercise the mind, to prevent cognitive decline
• Maintaining a good mood is important.

Healthy habits such as physical activity are also essential for leading a healthy lifestyle and are beneficial for us all regardless of age or gender. Taking daily walks is an easy way to stay active, but if you don’t have time, every little helps and that means even walking up and down stairs or walking to work, shopping, visiting a friend, etc. With about 30 minutes a day you will feel more active and better. Additionally, if we accelerate our pace a little, we help the heart to be in better condition. The important thing is to move and avoid leading an inactive life as our jobs often keep us behind a desk for many hours.
If you do not have time to go out or walking and running is just not your thing, then start working out at home, in the park or joining a gym and sharing that habit with people who like the same things as you. This will help you both to stay physically and mentally active, meet new people and socialise more.
The exercise tables won’t take long either, about 15 to 30 minutes (if you want more, that time is always welcome). I’m sure that the longer you stay in the habit the more you will want to do a bit more because you are in better shape. These exercise tables are fun, it’s all about doing repetitions of specific exercises and resting between each one. Among the best-known exercises are squats, the normal and lateral plank, alternative front stride, etc. Other options are Crossfit, a system of strength and conditioning training based on constantly varied functional exercises performed at high intensity, or the Tabata method which consists of high-intensity interval forms of sport. Intense training, organised in blocks of exercises of very short duration. Remember, each exercise should last at least 20 seconds, with the maximum possible reps. There are so many to choose from so let’s get active!

"We promote a communication and awareness strategy to educate on the Benefits of citrus fruit"

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