Inspiration for
the world over.

At La Paz Fresh we actively promote

the importance of healthy eating,

we promote sports and an active lifestyle,

and we support culture.

Let’s move the world forward.

Healthy nutrition

Eat well. Live well.

We pride ourselves on providing fresh, wholesome foods that help meet the nutritional needs of a growing global population that is increasingly mindful of healthy eating.

We comply with a strategy of communication and awareness of the benefits of citrus fruits, through healthy video recipes created with our products, which we make available to everyone.

We are members of the 5 a day Association and together with them we promote the consumption of at least 5 servings of Fruits and Vegetables a day. We inform and share the health benefits enjoyed by taking up this healthy habit.

Promoting sport

Active life. Happy life.

Promoting sport
among our
and consumers.

At La Paz Fresh we are totally in favor of promoting sports and physical activity. Within our social awareness strategy, we are official sponsors of the Real Murcia women’s football team. The team is an emblem of pride for our city.

We support and sponsor sports
and healthy living.

Sport lovers

corazon deporte

We are sponsors of the athlete Rubén Cueto, participant of the Padel Series. We sponsor a cycling team and a mountain road team, through which we promote sports among our employees and consumers.

At the elite sports level, we are broadcast sponsors of the AUDI CUP competition in which the football teams Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Tottenham Hotspur and Fenerbaçe have participated in its latest edition.

Fostering culture

Culture for
a better world.

We invest and we support CULTURE

Big Sound Festival

International Music Festival

Les Nits of Ciutat

11 Concerts

Zeno’s Farm

Children’s Music

Les Nits of Ciutat

11 Concerts

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