About our limes.

The lime is a fruit with a green, thin and smooth peel, from which the aromatic essence is extracted.

Its pulp, also green, is seedless, juicy and acidic.

Its regular consumption can be extremely beneficial for the organism.

It has a high content of vitamins, minerals, fiber and water.

Improves digestion, prevents dehydration, protects against infections

and helps to lose weight, among other benefits.

Varietal calendar.

Our farms.

We have our own farms to control the quality of our products. We also comply with all the quality certificates that the market requires in order to offer confidence to our customers. Quality is one of the pillars on which our philosophy is based. Todo nuestro proceso de producción está basado en los estándares internacionales priorizando siempre el servicio hacia nuestros clientes sea de la máxima calidad y de acuerdo a sus especificaciones, ofreciendo un sistema integral de servicios.

A strategic location due to the proximity to the raw material. Our facility has an area dedicated to the handling and preparation of grapefruit. With an eye on the future, we have the latest technologies and avant-garde in the sector.

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