At La Paz Fresh we know that innovation is a key factor in keeping up with the times.

with the pace of change in the market. With technological advances revolutionizing every aspect of the

industries, we must innovate to remain relevant and not be left behind.

Innovation is in our DNA, because it not only allows us to be prepared for the future, but also to be able to

The company’s future, but also because it has the best talent and the highest customer demand.

Production processes

In our facilities we have the latest technologies and avant-garde of the sector for the harvesting, selection and packaging of our products. Technological innovations have a direct impact on working conditions in order to improve them, thus increasing efficiency and productivity.

Our facilities have everything necessary for our product to be cared for from the time it arrives from the field to the point of sale.


We use precision agriculture with drones on our farms. Among many of the possibilities that this technology offers us, the use of UAS (Unmanned Aerial System) allows us to monitor and characterize the behavior of the plant and its vegetative power in different phases of its growth.

Drones used in agriculture have hyperspectral, multispectral or thermal sensors that can be used to identify crop areas with greater water stress or affected by any type of pest or disease.

Efficient transportation

At La Paz Fresh we are constantly looking for solutions and working on them to reduce our ecological footprint.

By 2030, the EU requires a 30 % reduction in CO2 emissions from trucks. To this end, we opt for sustainable transportation.

We work together with logistics companies with fleets of environmentally friendly trucks. These vehicles emit fewer CO2 emissions, reduce fuel consumption and promote the development of the most energy-efficient technologies. In other words, they promote sustainability at the wheel.

This type of transport has to comply with European Union standards, designed to improve visibility, increase safety and reduce fuel consumption.

Organic + Experimental Farms

At our farm in Monteverde, near our facilities, we are currently developing experimental products. This farm has more than 40 hectares of land, where the priority is sustainable agriculture and the Bio product is the protagonist.

Within our organic farms we work for the conservation of biodiversity; we reduce environmental impact; we protect the air and water; and we harvest products that are 100% healthy because they have not been treated with chemicals and pesticides.

Digital transformation

We are firmly committed to the digitalization of the company. For this reason, in recent years we have been implementing digital tools to improve all the company’s processes, from the production chain to the relationship with customers, including Administration and Human Resources.

For example, we make use of industry-specialized applications that allow us to manage important files more easily and keep them secure, save time and energy, better data collection for better decision making, increased efficiency and productivity, etc.

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