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At Cítricos La Paz we distribute at a national and an international level.


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Our products

At Cítricos La Paz, we work with a large assortment of citrus fruit, especially with lemon.

Quality certificates

Cítricos La Paz, S.L. has the British Retail Consortium standard, which connects the main commercial associations of the UK. It is a worldwide referent in food safety. It brings together the customers' demands as well as distributors' responsibilities and standards' requirements on the globalization of the food products supplying. It is one of the main tools of the retail sector to guarantee the costumer protection. As proof of this, it has been adopted by the main British food chains with an international presence in Europe as well as in other continents.

Cítricos La Paz, S.L. has the International Food Standard, a private safety food protocol developed by the German, French and Italian distributors, which aim is to help suppliers to provide secure products according to the specifications of the legislation in force. The IFS standard helps to meet the requirements of the legal safety, by applying common and transparent standards for all the concerned suppliers, as well a concrete and firm answer to the customer high safety expectations.
It meets the common auditory standards internationally accepted, in order to improve the costumer safety constantly.

Cítricos La Paz S.L. is concerned that raw material suppliers have actualized their Global G.A.P. since it guarantees that commercialized food obeys the quality and safety establish levels, and that they have been cultivated according to the sustainability criteria, by respecting safety, hygiene, and employees' welfare, environment and animals. Global G.A.P. is a group of standards internationally renowned for their good practices in the primary sector.

The farming exploitations of Cítricos La Paz own the GRASP certification. This standard is based on the moral of Good Agricultural Practices not just about products; it's also about people.
GRASP stands for GLOBALG.A.P. Risk Assessment on Social Practice, and is a voluntary ready-to-use module developed to assess social practices on the farm, addressing specific aspects of workers’ health, safety and welfare.
GRASP helps producers establish a good social management system on their farms. It offers buyers added assurance. And it helps protect one of the farm’s most important resources: its people.

Our products agree with the QS system. It is a German-based standard which sets out to guarantee quality assurance right through the entire production and marketing chain, and which has been operating since 2004 for fruit, greens and potatoes. The aim of the QS protocol is to establish strict and controllable quality standards for all the stages in the value creation chain as a way to attain a transparent quality assurance system in all its phases.
QS Stands for “QualitätsSicherung” (quality assurance in German).
Certification in this protocol is advisable if one is exporting to the German market, or interested in getting into this.

All our BIO lemons have implemented the organic products inspection. Organic Farming, known as well as biological or ecological, is an environmentally- friendly way to farm and care for the soil and breed the cattle without toxic chemical products or genetically modified seed. The aim is to get safe fully ripe food, full of flavour, essence, texture, with all the vitality and advantages of healthy food. The Council of the Region of Murcia (EACRM) is a public authority; in charge of implementing the control system of Organic Farming in our Region.

Cítricos La Paz has implemented the Bio Suisse certificate, a private standard belongs to the association with the same name, which differs with the European standard and required for any organic farmer who wants to sell on the Swiss market.
To comply with Bio Suisse must meet additional requirements to European Regulations(EC) 834/07 and 889/08.
It is an overall system of farm management and food production which combines best environmental practices, a high level of biodiversity and preservation of natural resources to reach the level required by the Swiss market.

Cítricos La Paz has adopted the Code of Good Practices in Food Contracting. This Code is a voluntary system to increase the commitment (beyond the Law), as the foundation for business practices, between the various agents operating in the food chain.
As basic principles, it defines fair and equitable reciprocity between the parties, freedom of agreements, good faith, and mutual interest, equitable distribution of risks and responsibilities, and respect for the proposed terms of a contract or unwarranted exigencies.

Cítricos La Paz takes part in the World's biggest cooperation platform to share supply chains' data.
It involves a support used by a thousand of companies to manage their activity regarding labour rights, health and safety, environment and business ethics. This system is based on the information exchange about an ethically sustainable production within the supply chain.

Our values

At Cítricos La Paz, we work according to a solid philosophy and values, in order to provide always the best service and the best product:

  • Leadership
  • Quality
  • International character
  • Reputation